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Interesting facts about me

I have lived with tinnitus plus what seems a endless list of medical conditions most of my life.

I fought hard but lost the battle when my, tinnitus became acute 24/7(maggot of a male decided he needed to flex some muscle) cauliflower ear, around 11 years ago, the level of noise, a jet turbine engine would of been more peaceful, I had the usual array of side-dishes: dizziness, vertigo, infections,hearing loss, headaches,vomiting. etc.

Death seemed my only escape from the nightmare I found myself in...

Many many delights from the medication trolly. Medical roundabout, alternative roundabout.

To give hope. no matter how off the show I tired..

I was given the verdict of condemned to a lifetime of internal noisy hell .

Damaged beyond repair, nothing more can be done, go home learn to live with it......

I gave up completely,shunned everything and everyone for a couple of years.
No medications, No doctors, no alternative therapy. Nothing left, no hope, dreams, works,home, money, belongings, friends or family.

Suicide went down that track a few time, couldn't get that right either. (smile) simply gave up on any plans..

Everything was gone, there I stood, with this sound inside my head, pounding, screaming at me FIX ME.....not a real voice either.(smile)

I decided to brush myself off just going to have to figure this out all by myself and once again took control of my life......

I had gone through way too much to let a bunch of docs, a maggot of male win. They won a few battles but I can still win the war against tinnitus...

I am winning my battle against my tinnitus. It no longer has me on my knees but some question, still need answers.
I want to share my story, try to help where I can and at the same time, learn more about my own situation.

I am not a nut case but I know I will come across as one as, lets say " my theories go totally against everyone" ( not any more- new research shows some light onto my problems)

Why I am on the net beginning to haunt tinnitus sites. Need help and to understand what is going on..

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    Hi Lizzy,

    What a crazy day today. I tried to comment twice earlier but we are having problems with the processes today.
    It sounds like your spirits were given a lift yesterday. I'm very happy for you. I bet your grandson was a big part of it. Kids are great aren't they. One little ball of energy. I wish that could rub off on me. I could use some more energy. Be careful, you do not want to lift your spirits to much or you will have to change your post name to enthusiasticspirit or happy-go-luckyspirit. That could cause some problems on the board.
    I love that symbol of the smiley face sticking his finger up his nose. I haven't tried that one yet but will put it on my list. Oh what the heck I'll give it a go tonight. I would look a little silly if I try it now at work.
    I read your post about the dark room. Sounds scary. I'm glad you changed it to something more enjoyable. You are even using your vacuum cleaner again. Wow! Don't forget to use hearing protection.
    I'm also happy to hear that you kicked the maggot to the curb. You or anybody else for that matter should not have to put up with that abuse. It is nice to see you start to pick up the pieces and move along and put the fight back into your spirit. That's not an easy thing to do. You should give yourself a big pat on the back and have a party. Don't forget to invite your grandson. Kids are always the life of the party.
    I want to thank you for your words of encouragement and I do take it to heart and who knows maybe some day the medical community will figure it out. I'm afraid that with all of these coping strategies such as TRT, Neuromonics and such that the medical community will figure out that they don't need to find a cure. They are already sitting on the cash cow and don't need to take it any further. Good for them bad for us. It's a dog eat dog world and the corporate types are king.
    Well it's quitting time. Time to go home and try that finger up the nose thingy. I'm not looking forward to that you know. What if I miss and go up that other place I mentioned. I could lose my finger for day's. Heck I wouldn't want it back.

    Take care,

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    Hi Lizzy,

    I'm sorry I didn't leave my story under my profile page as I am new to this site and didn't know I had a profile page until a few days ago. I haven't gone through the whole site yet or learned how to navigate everything yet as I'm not to concerned about that aspect of it. I know enough to get around and will learn more as time goes on. I like all the cute symbols you put in your post. I haven't looked into how to do that yet because my time is short. I'm at work. My home computer and Internet service is not reliable so I rarely use it for interneting. I mostly use it for storing some family photo's and printing photo's. Well, lets go to my story.
    I'm a 45 years young male with a family who lives in New Hampshire. I am a supervisor at a specialty chemical company and we work with chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of light emitting diodes that are used in electronic equipment such as traffic lights, lighting on signs and billboards, upper end cars use LED's for instrument lighting, brake lights, your cd or dvd player has a little red light inside that reads the disc's, solar panels also use our technology. I design and build processes to make the chemistry side of these products.
    When I was in my late 20's I was working for another chemical company as a control tower operator. I had the bright idea of using a Walkman radio out on the shop floor where it is very noisy to drown out the machine noise. I would turn up the Walkman. Well that was the last time I did that. After that is when my tinnitus journey begins. For years it was a slight ring and it didn't bother me to much. I kept going to rock concerts and such and my tinnitus stayed about the same. The past few years it started increasing in volume but was still manageable. In April I was working on a stereo system trying to make it work. I didn't realize at the time that the volume was turned all the way up and I pushed the right button and it came on full blast. Knocked me out of my shorts. At the same time I was building a process at work and I needed to grind some sheet metal which gave off a high pitched noise. Well a few days after those episodes and not sleeping well I noticed my life changing event. The tinnitus was screaming in my ears. I went into panic mood, high anxiety, depression and no sleep. I went to see Doc. and he looked in the ear prescribed me some meds. for anxiety and sleep and referred me to the ENT. The ENT cleaned out the ears and gave me some supplements and scheduled an appointment two weeks later. Well I got the, you are going to have to learn to live with it speech. I was crushed like a grape. He referred me to an audiologist. We checked my hearing. I have a high frequency hearing loss at the 6000 Hz level. She let me borrow some hearing aids to see if that would help. They do help a little with masking as long as there is more noise coming from something else. At work I use a MP3 player with FM tuner and listen to white noise to help me get on with my day and yes it is a struggle but the white noise will help divide my attention so I'm not totally focused on the ringing. At night I will use those hearing aids along with a sound therapy machine tuned to summer evening setting with the crickets and frogs. The high frequency noise helps distract me from the ringing. June 25th I have to give the hearing aides back. They want $3600.00 for those aids. I can't afford to do that now. So I will find another way to cope when the time comes. I can get hearing aids from Sam's Club for a little over $700 for the two but will need to save money first. Health insuranse does not go that way as you probably know. If the Doc can't fix you with meds. or surgery your on your own. They all do a good job of cranking up the anxiety and leaving you alone on that little deserted island.
    So now I try to help others cope and also collect info in what is helping others to cope. At this time I don't think I can be fixxed so I will have to learn to live with it. I can't run away from it by taking the easy way out. That would devestate my family so I try to smile and act as nothing is wrong while my head is screaming at me 24/7. I try to remember what Doc said to me. It won't kill you. I know, easy for him to say.
    So what do you think? Basket case or not.
    I was chatting with another guy about somatic therapy. I believe I seen one of your posts on this thread anyway he has started this a short time ago and he has that TMJ form of tinnitus. How I understand it is it's a form of chiropratic care that also uses deep tissue message and heat. He say's it has helped him but the affect last about a week. Oh, what I would do for a week of peace. I told him he was on the right track but remember as with most therapies maintenace is required. When it starts to act up again go back in for more maintenance. Another guy I told you about that does acupuncture it works for him but the affect is temporary. He goes back in for maintenance when needed. I don't know how they are paying for it but they found something to hang their hat on.
    From the outside looking in I think this somatic therapy might benefit you along with acupuncture but I know cost is the issue and is for me as well. I don't have any money to throw around so I will stick to the cheap coping methods unless a miracle happens and the medical community and the health insurance companies come up with something they can agree on.
    I find it amazing that you are treating yourself the way you are. You must have some big stones to do what you do alone with know help. If I were to go in my ear I would probably take a wrong turn and end up coming out my nostril or worse my butt. They are not that far apart you know.
    I got to go.
    Be Good

    Talk again soon

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    Hi Lizzy,

    I wasn't sure if my comment went through the works but I am glad to see that it did and thank you for responding in kind. Don't worry about being delusional. I think everbody is a little twisted. I kind of like it that way. The flavor of life. Anyway who wouldn't be a bit twisted after listening to this never ending damn noise we are being tortured with.
    I can relate to your financial situation. Health Insurance now a days is not kind. It has become another corporate entity designed to make huge profits off the sick and injured. So I understand the need to go it alone when the pro's aren't willing to put the full effort into treating there patients because the patient can't afford to.
    I maybe a little slow but from what I gather you are experimenting using some form of acupressure or acupuncture around the ear or in the ear or both. Are you puncturing your ear drum or are you applying pressure to the ear canal or drum? You say you have a million questions and you may need help in this final stage and there seems to be a need to rush things to get there. What stages have you undertaken to this point? You must be getting some positive results to continue on this course. Is this course of action for the tinnitus symptom only or are you trying to treat multiple symptoms. Is your form of tinnitus sound sensitive or can you listen to sounds at a comfortable level?
    Sorry for all the questions I'm trying to get a better understanding of your situation and maybe provide some guidance, idea's, tips, suggestions or just somebody to communicate with.
    I'm not online all of the time so there might be a responce delay so be well and if you want to chat I'm around.

    Best Regards,


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    Hello darkenspirit, I was reading some of your posts and your profile. From what I gather your tinnitus started from a blow to the head and from then on it's been torture. I think you have stated that you can minipulate your tinnitus sound level by stimulating certain nerves on the body, neck and head either by pressure or position.
    Have you tried chiropractic care combined with acupuncture and acupressure? I know for some this has helped for relief and habituation for some time and when it starts to flare up again they will go in for a maintenance session.
    Being from a small town I don't know if you have access to this type of treatment or the financing. Medical insurance stinks when it comes to treating tinnitus patients.
    The chiropractor could try to realiegn the back and neck which could increase blood flow to the head and put things back into balance.
    One tinnitus sufferer who uses acupuncture said they actually work on the feet for his tinnitus and it does not bother him for some time after but does have to go back for maintenance for flare ups.

    Best Regards,